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Fixed Prosthetics

Fixed Prosthodontics is a special branch of prosthetics. Using CAD-CAM technology we can cut the most perfect (most accurate) structures that are necessary for making fixed restorations:

  • metal crowns and bridges,
  • metal-ceramic crowns and bridges,
    (Metal and metal-ceramic crowns and bridges made and designed by CAD-CAM technology of non-metal oxide)
  • full zirconia crowns and bridges,
  • zirconia ceramic crowns and bridges,
  • glass ceramic crowns,
  • crowns and bridges made of composite materials (provisional)
  • teeth flakes (Veeners)
  • Inlay and onlay restorations.
  • combined works
    (combination of metal-ceramic crowns, etecmena with dentures, bars).

Implant Prosthetics

  • the creation of individual abutments,
  • making (metal, metal-ceramic, full zirconia and zirconia ceramic, glass ceramic) crowns and bridges on the individual abutment,
  • making (metal, metal-ceramic, full zirconia and zirconia ceramic, glass ceramic) crowns and bridges with abutments,
  • Hybrid bridges (all on 4 and all on 6 – bridges on 4 or 6 implants)
  • dentures on implants with a ball (physiodens teeth or acrylic teeth).


  • total prosthesis (denture with acrylic teeth)
  • partial prosthesis (denture with acrylic teeth)
  • total prosthesis (denture with multilayered-physiodens teeth)
  • partial dentures (prostheses with multilayered -physiodens teeth)
  • aesthetic total prosthesis (denture with multilayered -physiodens teeth)
  • cosmetic partial dentures (prostheses with multilayered -physiodens teeth)
  • cosmetic dentures with physiodens teeth (multilayer teeth) give the natural look to your removable dentures.
    Using the latest materials in dentistry, the natural appearance of the teeth and jaws can be replicated completely. Physiodens (multilayer teeth) are made using the latest materials in dental technology. They are compact and resistant  and aesthetically completely match the color and shape of natural teeth.
  • skeleton (metal) prostheses (implants with physiodens or acrylic teeth)
  • Dentures from biocompatible metals are made in cases of partial loss of teeth.
    Metal hooks, short base prosthesis (metal skeleton) allows easy carrying of prostheses, more stable implants, functionality and phonetics.


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