Dental Clinic


The Bičakčić Dental Clinical Center is a clinic that is leading in all branches of dental medicine and dentistry. We practice cutting-edge dentistry and achieve dental excellence. If you are looking for quality you are in the right place. With the expertise and courtesy of the staff, a modern and well-equipped clinic is one of the reasons why patients are happy to recommend us as the first choice for a smile. Find the most effective solution for the most beautiful smile.

  • Choosing the best materials guarantees quality and outstanding service

  • Top experts and extremely high quality patient satisfaction


Digital two-dimensional (2D) intraoral and panoramic radiography has been deeply entrenched in everyday dental practice over the last 20 years. However, because of the overlapping of complex anatomical structures, 2D images are difficult to interpret. When measuring, it is always necessary to use a safety dose to compensate for the magnification caused by the recording technique itself, since we do not have any information on the width (thickness) and exact spatial position.

  • Depending on the need, we offer different types of x-rays

  • Possibility of use in the planning of prosthetics and implantoprosthetics


Although the most demanding branches of dentistry, for these services we guarantee you a high level of expertise and professionalism in performance. In addition to quality, Bičakčić Dental Polyclinic services are characterized by an individual approach to each patient, based on the belief that every healthy and natural smile is special in its own way.

  • Top quality All-on-6 and All-on-4 workmanship

  • Long lasting solutions without standard speech and chewing problems


As part of the CAD-CAM System, we also offer milling center services to help your lab reduce costs and improve quality and productivity. The Bičakčić Milling Center guarantees high-precision technology, both for design and implementation of the service, and the use of certified products with a LOT number for traceability.

  • The most equipped Dental Milling Center

  • Guaranteed satisfaction with the use of the services of our milling centers