Oral Surgery

What is Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that deals with diseases of the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity that cannot be resolved with conservative therapy. Oral surgery includes routine tooth extraction, complicated tooth extraction, removal of residual tooth roots, surgery of the apex of tooth roots, removal of bone growths, soft-tissue correction, extraction of cysts and changes in the jaw bones, etc.…

Oral surgery is a specialist branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of irregularities and pathological changes of teeth, soft tissues and bone structures of the orofacial region.

Oral surgery is often in the service of other areas of dentistry, so it is also used in the preparation for some other types of interventions in the field of implantology and orthodontics. The word surgery itself is a source of fear and aversion for many patients, but with the serious approach of our expert team, with adequate anesthesia and given instructions that patients will adhere to when it comes to postoperative recovery, fear and discomfort when it comes to this branch of dentistry word, they will be minimized. When it comes to oral surgery, Bičakčić Dental Clinic performs all kinds of interventions.

Oral surgery as part of dental medicine

Oral surgery is an area of dentistry that usually causes discomfort and fear in the patient, and the truth is that with adequate anesthesia and instructions, patients must adhere to it after the intervention. On the other hand, with the help of oral surgery, various ailments that patients may have due to teeth can be eliminated, and sometimes the last hope is that a tooth is preserved. Some of these interventions include extraction of an impacted wisdom tooth, apicotomy of the tooth root, lobe surgery, and various interventions on bone and soft tissue, which include implant placement. Dental medicine and oral surgery are to a greater extent what we call dentistry. Surgical procedures on teeth and oral tissues, due to carelessness, poor hygiene, traumatic cause and the like, are an integral part of dentistry, especially in our area.

Oral surgery services

Oral surgery is a branch of dentistry that covers various surgical procedures in the oral cavity. We provide a wide range of services in this field, thanks to certified training in conducting certain surgical interventions.

If the need arises and our dentists propose a surgical treatment, such a patient goes through preparation in terms of a detailed history with a questionnaire on the state of general health, possible premedication, conservative periodontal repair of teeth and soft tissues, as well as conducting the intervention and check-ups.

Extraction of teeth

This surgery involves the separation of the tooth from the toothbrush and removal from it absolutely painless. In addition to routine tooth extraction, surgical extraction of teeth and impacted wisdom teeth is sometimes necessary.

Apicotomy (tooth root resection)

An apicotomy is a surgical procedure that removes the top of the root of the tooth along with the infection on it, the procedure itself involves the obligatory treatment of the root canal, from which the infection is transmitted to the top of the root.

Frenulum resection

Frenulum resection is a routine procedure performed in the case of high frenulum fusion for the gums to prevent the occurrence of gum withdrawal and periodontopathy in the fitting area, as well as pre-prosthetic preparation in the wearer of total or partial dentures without anterior teeth.

Slice of operations

Surgery surgery is a surgical intervention most commonly used in the treatment of periodontal disease. During this procedure, the implantation of artificial bone is often necessary to fill defects resulting from the infection.

Leveling of ridges

The leveling of the ridge is a pre-prosthetic surgical procedure where the edentulous jaw ridge rises to the level before descending, that is, nicely flattened. It is most commonly done in patients who have been referred to a prosthesis or fixed prosthetic work.

The text lists only some of the surgical procedures that the Bičakčić Dental Office can provide to its patients. At our dental office, we provide all types of oral surgery. For this purpose, we have created and equipped a modern operating unit, which is currently one of the most modern in Europe, and where we have provided the most up-to-date conditions for the provision of interventions from both the equipment and maintenance aspects of sterilization during treatment.

Thanks to modern advances in the field of dentistry, we offer painless and comfortable oral-surgical treatment.

Who are the candidates for implants?

Although every person who has lost at least one tooth is a potential candidate for implant placement, there are still conditions that must be met. This is decided after a review that mostly consists of analyzing a 3D image. It will show if there is enough bone to place the implant, then determine its exact implant position. It should be emphasized that years of life are not an obstacle to the procedure. Good oral hygiene and regular six-month monitoring are imperative.

The difference between apicotomy and cisectomy?

– Apicotomy is a surgical procedure to remove pathological contents from the bone in the region of the tip of the root of the tooth, together with the tip of the root.

– Cystectomy or enucleation of the cyst is the removal of the cystic content and the cyst itself. This intervention also involves an apicotomy.

These interventions are performed under local anesthesia (as well as dental treatments) and are absolutely painless. After the intervention, the patient is advised to adhere to certain rules of conduct.

Contact our team of experts

Detailed information and consultations on various oral surgery treatments offered by the Bičakčić Dental Clinic, located at 7 Marsala Tita Street, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, can be obtained by calling +387 33 208 288 and +387 33 550 550 or by direct inquiry at info@bicakcic.com.


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