Pediatric Dentistry

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry or pedodontics is a dental discipline that deals with preventative and therapeutic procedures to preserve the oral health of children from birth to the end of adolescence. Preventive dentistry provides your child with a healthy and beautiful smile. Kids with healthy mouths chew their food more easily and properly, making better use of its ingredients. They talk faster and better. Their general health is better because ill mouth and teeth influence the appearance of diseases of other organs. A healthy mouth is nice to see, and beautiful teeth give your baby the confidence they need. And lastly, having a healthy mouth means a lot less financial cost to parents.

We recommend a first visit to the dentist’s office as early as the third year of the child’s life, in order to perform a dental check and build the child’s confidence in the dentist. Emphasis in working with children is placed on prevention, which enables the protection of baby teeth from caries, as well as preventing their premature loss, and preserving the place for permanent teeth. In this way, the natural proper sequence of sprouting permanent teeth is achieved and the subsequent need for orthodontic therapy is reduced, with the aim of functional and aesthetic correction of the bite.

Pediatric dentistry is a prerequisite for the first steps of oral health

Pediatric dentistry deals with the monitoring of the growth and development of the oral cavity and jaw in children, as well as the prevention and repair of caries. Prevention is the thing that is most stressed because it is important to develop hygiene habits at that age. An important role in this is the arrival to the dentist, which should be comfortable and fun for the child.

Services in pediatric dentistry

Checks on children are carried out immediately after the emergence of milk teeth and this approach can promptly notice possible changes in the earliest condition and advise parents on the importance of preventive measures in the maintenance of oral health, which include:

  • proper tooth brushing and choice of toothbrush and toothpaste
  • eating right and eliminating bad habits
  • the importance of preserving healthy milk teeth
  • caries education
  • professional fluoridation
  • early recognition of anomalies, which can only be completely resolved in childhood
  • fissure sealing and tooth protection

The molar teeth begin to sprout within about six months of life, until by the third year all 20 milk teeth are present, and they start to fall out around the age of six and fall out by the age of ten. It is very important to maintain the health of these teeth as they keep a place for permanent teeth. With us Dental Polyclinic Bičakčić we carry out education on hygiene maintenance and prevention of caries.

When does your child take your dentist for the first time?

Ideally, your child will visit the dentist for the first time before any intervention or repair is required, which is sometime after their first birthday. This way, you will also prevent your child from hearing from a friend in kindergarten or school with negative comments about going to the dentist and developing unnecessary fear.

Why is it important to keep your baby’s teeth healthy?

Milk teeth health is very important. Milk teeth are important for chewing and the digestive system. They are also important for speech formation and proper pronunciation, but also for a beautiful baby smile. In addition, they keep a place for the permanent sprouting of permanent teeth.

What if a tooth is damaged?

Children’s playfulness, lack of fear, sports activities and various other situations can lead to damage to the milky or permanent teeth. Whether it is a fracture of the crown, the root or a complete tooth break, it is very important that you take your child to a dentist immediately. If a child is actively involved in a contact sport, we recommend the creation of an individual tooth protector (splint) to prevent injury to the developing tooth.

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