Preventive Dentistry

What is preventive dentistry?

The goal of preventative dentistry is to prevent the formation of defective teeth. Dental Polyclinic Bičakčić offers dental services at very reasonable prices. You can come to our office and check your teeth preventively.

Preventive dentistry, as its name implies, deals with prevention, ie. preventing the occurrence of dental and soft tissue diseases in the mouth. Guided by the popular saying “Better prevented than treated”, dentists and the expert team of the Dental Polyclinic Bičakčić are committed to contributing, as far as possible, to the prevention of the occurrence of these diseases. This primarily refers to the prevention of caries, which, as the most widespread disease, is the primary goal of preventative dentistry. To this end, a number of measures are implemented either at the individual level (implemented by each individual such as tooth brushing) or at the general level (implemented by the community, eg water fluoridation).

Considering that caries and parorontopathy are the leading dental problems of modern society, every dentist pays great attention to educating patients on the prevention of the onset of the disease as the best way to maintain health.

Preventive dentistry in the service of everyday life

Beautiful and healthy teeth are a reflection of our lifestyle. That is, proper tooth brushing is the first step in prevention. This is the only way to prevent the development of caries and soft tissues. Experts advise brushing your teeth at least twice a day for 3 minutes. Also, a proper brushing technique is required to eliminate any food residue that may later form dental plaque.

Considering that we have acquired healthy habits from the earliest days, it is very important that oral hygiene in children begins before the appearance of baby teeth.

In addition to personal hygiene, the food we eat affects the preservation of our teeth. Balancing the intake of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients while avoiding excessive consumption of sugars and artificial sweeteners is the right solution not only for healthy teeth, but for the whole body.

Dental plaque is the main culprit for caries. Specifically, bacteria decompose food debris, creating an acid that acts on the surface of the tooth and weakens its firmness. Plaque deposits form a tartar. Not only does it look ugly, it also leads to many problems – from unpleasant breath to severe periodontal disease.

Therefore, preventive dentistry involves the removal of calculus from the teeth during regular check-ups at the dentist.

Preventive dentistry services

Watering fissures

Fissure sealing is an effective prevention for people with pronounced nodules on the bite surfaces of molar and premolar teeth. This technique prevents food from being collected and held in places that are inaccessible to classic mechanical brush cleaning.

Fissure sealing must be restored after some time in order to preserve molars.

Fluoridation of teeth

Tooth fluoridation is a special measure of professional dental reinforcement. As fluorides play a significant role in strengthening but also in treating initial caries, taking small, prescribed amounts of this mineral makes the tooth enamel more resistant.

Precedure is simple and painless, and the procedure is repeated 2 to 3 times a year. In addition to the professional, it is advisable to bring fluoride naturally through food. Especially during pregnancy.

Peeling and polishing of teeth

Dental plaque, which precipitates on the tooth enamel, builds up the tartar over time. Tartar is the biggest enemy of dental health. Visible and not at all attractive deposits on the teeth cause caries, paradentopathy and bad breath. Therefore, tartar removal is a necessary and fast and painless process in the interest of maintaining healthy and radiant teeth. After removing the calculus, the teeth are polished with special paste, which is difficult for the calculus to adhere. and the tooth surface becomes smooth and shiny.

Tooth replacement monitoring

For the proper growth and development of your toddler’s teeth and jaws, it is very important to monitor your dentist’s tooth replacement. We recommend regular dental check-ups every 4-6 months. Only the dentist can detect minimal caries changes on your child’s teeth, which, if not remedied in time, can result in early tooth loss. Any prematurely lost tooth is a potential introduction to a number of irregularities, which in the later period often require prolonged therapy.

What does fissure baking mean?

Fissure sealing should be done immediately after sprouting to minimize the possibility of caries. The procedure itself takes about fifteen minutes, and the mass used to seal the fissures releases fluorine in small quantities, which prevents caries.

How important are toothpastes?

Toothpastes – the most widely used material for topical application of flora. As everyone knows, it is used personally by the patient. Paste, along with tooth brushing, is the most basic and effective method of caries prevention. Therefore, children should be taught from an early age to brush their teeth daily and regularly.

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