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Dental Milling Center Bičakčić

Within CAD-CAM system, we also offer milling center services to help your lab reduce costs, improve quality and productivity. The Bičakčić Dental Milling Center guarantees high-precision technology, both in designing and implementing services, and using certified products with a LOT number for traceability.

The technique by which structures for crowns and bridges were made by hand modeling in wax and then melting the wax out of metal has been overcome today because of its many shortcomings and is considered a technology of the last century. The latest technological procedure applied today in dental technology is CAD-CAM technology, which involves the application of the latest materials.

Different materials are available for different indications:

  • CoCr
  • Ti2
  • Ti5
  • Zr
  • Zr HT
  • Zr coloured
  • PMMA (pink, transparent, X-ray)
  • glass-ceramic
  • lithium dislikate

The CAD / CAM technology of our modern Dental Milling Center enables you to process and design materials in dental technology that cannot be machined with conventional techniques.

This way you can take advantage of the excellent properties of materials such as zirconoxyd (full ceramics). With this technique, we are able to provide the absolute best results. As one of the leading dental clinics we have created a brand and become a leader in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

With a variety of fully automatic Zirkon milling machines, we can cover the full range of Zirkon technologies, such as single-piece milling bridges up to 14 members. Due to our three-dimensional design on the computer, 100% accuracy is guaranteed.

Types of work with CAD-CAM technology
– Crowns/Vinirs
– Block crowns (solid ceramics)
– Zircon substructure crowns
– Zircon substructure bridges
– Crowns and implants bridges
– Vizil dentures
– Transient bridges

You can send the document In our milling center in STL format or in the form of a physical model, which should be adequately prepared. To send a file in STL format, you can make an order on the form below or email To order a scan physical models and design, it is necessary to send the model to the following address:

Dental Clinic Bičakčić
Maršala Tita 7, 71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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