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Bičakčić Dental Clinic – The most modern dental clinic in Europe

For 95 years, the name Bičakčić has been synonymous with health, pioneering thinking and helping patients.

We believe that our mission is not only to repair teeth but to restore the smile on your face and for this reason we consider our profession to be one of the noblest. Through our work we guarantee top quality services, both in implant placement and in orthodontic, surgical or cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, calculus removal, etc. The mission of the Bičakčić Dental Clinic is not to fix your teeth, but to put a smile back on your face.

We affirm our position of leaders on a daily basis, not only in the Bosnian but also in the European market. The world’s leading technologies, continuous improvement of all employees, but above all human attitude towards every patient, are a guarantee of your satisfaction and smile. Tradition and the future in the service of your smile!

Dental Clinical Center

Dental Clinical Center

The Dental Clinical Center offers the highest quality dental services in dental prosthetics, aesthetic, restorative and preventive dentistry, and endodontics, implantology and oral surgery.

Dental Roentgen Center

Dental Roentgen Center

The Dental X-ray Center provides our patients with superior and highest quality 2D RTG and 3D CT imaging of teeth, jaws and sinuses. We shoot exclusively with innovative approaches and state-of-the-art methods and apparatus.

Implantology Center

Implantology center

The high level of professionalism and expertise of the staff are synonymous with the dental implant center. An individualized approach to each patient guarantees a quality performance and a great smile.

Dental Milling Center

Dental Milling Center

Introducing the most modern and technologically advanced dental milling center in Europe. Reduce costs, improve the quality and productivity of your work using the services of our dental milling center.

Every time you laugh, you contribute to your overall health and happiness. Your smile not only has a positive effect on you and your environment, it also affects how others perceive you. Let your smile shine in the most modern Dental Polyclinic in Europe.


With the digital revolution, using advanced and sophisticated software, we are giving our patients a whole new level of healing, shaping and the best care for their teeth.


We have been in this noble profession for over 95 years and have been working on the oral health of our patients. We not only repair our teeth to patients, we bring a smile back to their faces.


Over the past 98 years, we have become synonymous with health, pioneering thinking and helping people. We base our services on tradition, quality and modern technologies.


We work on a daily basis to educate and train our medical staff and our doctors so that we can provide our patients with top quality services and the best oral care.


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