The free-to-translate All-On-4 method means everything on four Nobel Biocare implants. It is a revolutionary method of making a denture for a toothless upper or lower jaw attached to 4 implants. It is a minimally invasive and painless method that is short-lived. For this reason, it is increasingly common for patients suitable for this type of therapy. This concept allows you to avoid all the bad sides of mobile dentures or the pain you feel when trying to bite something with the few remaining shaky teeth you use.

All-On-4 ORIGINAL is a bridge that is fixed with screws to four specially positioned implants. The concept itself implies that, in one visit, the remaining bad teeth are removed, if any, and implants are installed. Implantation is followed by the construction of a fixed bridge to the screws. Such a bridge is temporary and attaches to implanted implants the same day after surgery. A permanent bridge is made after 3 months.

Who is the candidate for the All-On-4 implementation?
• People who want fixed prosthetic work and have lost all their teeth
• Patients with complete prosthesis for many years
• Patients who have experienced severe bone loss over time, especially in the back of the jaw
• Patients who do not have enough bone for All-On-6, ie the bridge on 6 implants
• Patients who have very bad teeth and are scheduled to be extracted

In which cases the All-On-4 model cannot be done?
• Not recommended for advanced osteoporosis
• In patients with uncontrolled diabetes
• In serious chronic heart disease
• In severe kidney patients
• If the patient has received radiation therapy in the head and neck area within 6 months

The advantage of All-on-4 technology is that there is no tooth loss when speaking, chewing, sneezing. There is no “food downfall” under the prosthesis, and there is comfort in eating. All-On-4 work hygiene is the same as natural teeth. Therefore, it is not necessary to introduce specific methods or agents, but rather to carry out the usual oral hygiene measures in a conscientious and regular manner. Biting off any type of food without a problem. Restoring the natural appearance of your face and lost chewing function is one of the main aesthetic things that All-on-4 brings.

The procedure is without bone transplantation and additional complicated procedures. It’s a much lower price point than the All-On-6. Reconstruction of all teeth of one jaw is performed on a total of 4 implants. Minimal recovery time after surgery. If you’re looking for a long-lasting solution, the All-on-4 is the right choice.


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